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Career Coaching Services for Internationals and Expats in Germany 

Based on your strengths, skills and market demands, with the help of developed methods and tools, such as the LINC Personality Profiler LPP, I will guide and support you in discovering your skills and strengths and personality traits, to put you on the right track for the career that you desire that fits your expectations. 

First step is to learn who you really are, and we will work together how to pursue your dream career. 

I help you to gain clarity and confidence to cope with the unknowns and insecurity that may surround you.

Job Market in Germany 

Navigating the German job market as an international professional can be challenging, but with my specialized career coaching services, you will be equipped with the tools and guidance needed to excel in your career journey. Whether you are a professional looking to advance in your field or a newcomer seeking to establish your career path in Germany, my tailored services are designed to meet your specific needs and aspirations.

I will help you understand the German job market and the requirements and criteria needed for the different jobs and how to take the right steps to fulfil those criteria. I will introduce the system and will share my experience with you. 

We will work on the steps to find the right job in Germany and I will support you on this journey. 

Perfecting Your Application for Maximum Impact


Application documents that make a lasting impression! 
I will guide you in structuring a flawless CV and a compelling cover letter that effectively highlight your strengths and experiences, tailored to meet the expectations of German recruiters and hiring managers. 
How to create optimized documents for all ATS Applicant Tracking Systems, showing you how to use the different websites, job boards and social media to find the desired jobs advertised.

In today's digital age, your online presence plays a crucial role in shaping your professional image. I provide guidance on leveraging social media platforms to bolster your professional brand, offering insights on creating a compelling LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts that showcase your expertise and increase your visibility in the German job market.

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Personality development

Recognize your potential, your talents, your skills and use them successfully. The LINC Personality Profiler gives you a new perspective on your personality. In this way you can use your energy in the future for what suits you and your personality.

The LPP is a personality analysis and you will receive a differentiated profile of your personality.

Big Five Character


  • Who am I?


  • What skills and strengths do I have?


  • What drives me?

Let's embark on a journey toward achieving your career aspirations! 

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