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Power Skills

As an experienced career coach, HR professional, and trainer, I support both individuals and companies in realizing their full potential and achieving their goals. My focus is on the development of power skills, which help people achieve greater success and satisfaction in all areas of their lives, whether in their career, studies, or personal life.

What are power skills?

Power skills are key qualifications that make you indispensable in your professional life and beyond. They include skills such as:

  • Communication: Communicating clearly and confidently, actively listening, and persuading others.

  • Presentation: Presenting content in an engaging and professional manner, overcoming stage fright.

  • Self-management: Using time effectively, setting priorities, and coping with stress.

  • Teamwork: Collaborating constructively with others, resolving conflicts, and using synergies.

  • Creativity: Solving problems innovatively and developing new ideas.

  • Resilience: Dealing with setbacks and using challenges as an opportunity.

Why group training?

  • Learn from and with each other: In a group, you benefit from the exchange with other participants and learn from their experiences.

  • Motivation and inspiration: The group dynamics promote motivation and inspire new perspectives.

  • Networking: Make valuable contacts and build a network for your career.

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